Participation options

State delegates

About 100 countries will be represented at the MUNHN conference, each represented by one person on a committee. There they represent the opinion of their country and not their own opinion. In doing so, they try to work out working papers, exchange positions by giving speeches and compromise with other delegates, and ultimately adopt a resolution that is as appropriate as possible for the interests of their country. As a state delegate, you assume the role of a diplomat and represent the interests of your country as authentically as possible.

Single registrations are welcome. You will then represent the country assigned to you in your desired committee.

Before the conference, find out about your country, work out the topics of your committee and the position of your country on the relevant topics, and write short position and working papers.


NGO representatives

In addition to state delegates, there is also the possibility to represent a non-governmental organization (NGO) that is accredited to the UN. Two participants always represent an NGO and try to convince the state delegates of their positions. The difference from the state delegate is that the NGO representative is not tied to a committee and can switch freely between the committees in order to incorporate the interests of civil society in the decision-making process of the delegates.

Before the conference, you will gather information about two topics at the conference and write short position and working papers.